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I have spent time in and around some beautiful waters – Hawaii, the Maldives, Costa Brava, the Balearic Sea, the Pacific and Atlantic oceans in the Americas and Europe, for example. But I have never seen water like the water on Crete. The colors are stunning. The cleanliness and transparency of the water defies belief. Crete is surrounded by seas within a sea – the Mediterranean being the mother of them all. The Sea of Crete (the southern reaches of the Aegean Sea) washes the northern shores. The Libyan Sea washes the southern shores. Some sources add other seas to the mix – the Myrtoan Sea to west, the Carpathian Sea, to the east, and even the Ionian Sea to the northwest. But that appears to be pushing the limits of geography. This picture is of the Sea of Crete looking west from the Akrotiri Peninsula near Chania.
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Photo © 2019 John Freedman.