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Although the Venetians were driven out of Crete in the mid-1600s, their presence is still very much felt. The city of Rethymno, located one-hour’s drive to the east of Chania, has, like Chania, a beautiful Old Town area on a harbor built by the Venetians. Among the narrow, winding streets and lanes you eventually will come upon the Rimondi fountain, located near Petichaki Square. (Some sources place it on Platanou square, but that doesn’t show up on many maps.) It was built in 1626 on the foundation of an earlier fountain erected in 1588, and you can still drink the crystal-clear water as Cretans, Venetians, Turks and Greeks have done for 400 years. It was named for Alvise Rimondi, the Venetian city governor who had it built for the public good. A Latin inscription at the top of the fountain reads, “Liberalitatis fontes,” i.e., generous fountain, or fount of plenty.
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