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Edward Lear, the famed British artist and children’s poet (A Book of Nonsense; The Owl and the Pussycat), visited Crete in 1864. He was a cantankerous, if not to say downright grumpy, observer of the isle. That only makes his The Cretan Journal (first published in 1984) all the more fascinating. In his notes he wavers back and forth between spilling bile on anything and everyone, and admiring the beauty he encounters. On April 15, 1864, he wrote, “Weather seems improved and the White Mountains partially gleam out, like Olympus at times.” On April 17, he wrote, “Continual ascent, but a more beautiful valley and mountain scene can hardly be.” Both photos offered here show the hills just south of the city of Chania. By pleasant coincidence they were taken on April 19, 2019, almost exactly 155 years after Lear passed through. The snow-capped mountains in the distance are the famed Lefka Ori – White Mountains.
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Photo © 2019 John Freedman.