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Your Dream Holidays in Chania

Experience the vibe of Old Town

Book your holidays now with us and form the best memories of your life in the famous and picturesque heart of Chania!

Chania, the jewel of Crete, is one of the most beautiful, exciting cities in all the Mediterranean. The ancient Greeks (Homer included) called it Kydonia. The Venetians called it La Canea. Steeped in the visible history of ancient Minoan excavation sites (3500 B.C.), Byzantine stone walls (700 A.D.), Venetian (1252-1645) and Turkish (1645-1898) architecture, Chania is a place for all times and tastes. It is a bustling modern city with sleek designer boutiques, award-winning restaurants and cafes serving spectacular local dishes, lively bars and night clubs, and unforgettable electric blue sea views that one can contemplate for hours. All of our houses are located in the Old Town of Chania, just a few minutes’ walk from the Venetian Harbor, and the boardwalk and beach at Koum Kapi.